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Trip to NCYC in Indianapolis - November 21-24, 2013 - Pictures

Jessica Buettner

Going to NCYC 2013 in Indianapolis, was such an eye-opening experience for me. Everything that I saw while I was attending the conference was just so wonderful and amazing for me to experience. On the first day of NCYC and just walking into Lucas Oil Stadium with everyone else for the very first time, I think my eyes grew ten times bigger. This is because when I saw all of the people filling up the entire stadium like it was for a concert or a sporting event, I thought to myself, “I didn’t know that this many people from around the nation could be this pumped up for their religion!”

As I continued on into the unknown realms of NCYC, it was just so wonderful to see all of the people there being involved in all things related to our faith. From the many activities that were in the thematic park and hearing some awesome music, to learning new things from different guest speakers and trading some really cool items from people across the globe, it was just amazing.

I think that my favorite part of NCYC was doing the rosary with Nancy as we were on our way to Lucas Oil Stadium for the closing Mass on the last night. I really enjoyed getting the chance to really pray, despite all of the crazy things that were going on around me. I hadn’t really prayed the entire rosary from beginning to end before and doing it with a person that I hadn’t really gotten the chance to know, made it a whole lot more special. Even Mrs.Yazdanni told me that she was really touched that I did something like that with Nancy.

Another favorite part of NCYC was making so much cool stuff with my buddy Matt when we were roaming around the thematic park. We made a blanket and a cape for young kids in need. It really felt wonderful that I was making a difference in the world all because of the fact that I was staying strong in my faith, in order for us to change the world. I really did realize that I made the right choice for going to the National Catholic Youth Conference because when everything ended Saturday night, I felt the tears streaming down my face because I didn’t want the experience to end. This experience was truly one in which I will never forget. I eventually did realize something; I remembered an old quote that I had heard of before, “Don’t be sad because it’s over, be glad because it happened.” I was truly glad that I got the chance to go on my first and last NCYC! It was truly filled with great memories, people, places, lessons, and a LOT OF FAITH!

Matt Benitez - NCYC 2013 - Signed Sealed and Delivered

Hi my name is Matt Benitez and this year I went to NCYC! This was my first year going and it was amazing. They had many speakers there at NCYC and I had my favorite one and that one person was Mike Patin. He was my favorite speaker because he is really energetic and that’s just like me! I’m always happy, hyper, and pumped up all the time, and when I heard him it was like seeing myself all crazy pumped up and I learned a lot from him. I noticed how many kids love the same thing as me and how much they are interested in it like me. It’s a great thing and I really love it. The thing that impressed me the most was how many people where there trying to deepen their faith, get closer to God, and just how great everything went and all the amazing speakers they had. The messages that NCYC had for me were to: Stay strong in my faith, Don’t hide who I am, Share my experiences and don’t hide them and Be Myself.

Nancy Mueller

AWE-SOME! That’s how I sum up the 3 days of pure inspiration I spent at the 2013 National Catholic Youth Conference. Afterward, I commented that I received a “shot in the heart” about my faith and that it would be awesome if more adults could get that shot! Imagine entering the United Center or the Allstate Arena and seeing the seats filled with teens excited about being a Catholic. That’s just what I saw upon entering Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Teens from all over the US were there; it was like they were at a Catholic concert that they wanted to be at! You could see it in their faces, hear it in their voices, and feel the excitement in the air. They joined in singing along with the emcee each time the NCYC theme song was played (“We are signed in the water; we are sealed with the Spirit; we are saved and delivered; by the love of God”) every single time we gathered at the stadium.

The workshops we attended gave all of us the opportunity to examine our own faith and how we fit it into our lives. One of the more memorable sessions I experienced was with Stephanie Davis, a woman who lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. How many of us have experienced flooded basements here in our neighborhood over the years? Well, as bad as our basements have been, we’ve been spared what she went through. As she entered her house after Katrina she found sewerage throughout her first floor, waded through it, and was crying about all that was ruined and lost. Upon going upstairs into her two daughters’ closet that was now covered with so much mold she could barely get the door open, she was even more upset to find their Christening gowns enveloped in mold. When she returned to her friend’s house to pick up her girls, she fell to the living room floor exhausted and deeply depressed about all she had lost. She complained she had NOTHING left. The friend handed Stephanie the younger of her 2 daughters and said, “Here is what you have.” Stephanie took that babe in her arms and held her tightly. That story inspired me to treasure all that I have, because one day I may not have them just like Stephanie whether by flood or another means. And most of all, she reminded me that I should thank God for blessing me with all those things and for the people in my life in the first place. Another empowering event we attended was the closing Mass on Saturday night. The number of priests who processed in was an unbelievable site. What a great inspiration for the teens themselves; to witness so many priests gathered in one place celebrating this, our Catholic faith. Lastly, and just as importantly—if not more—the teens from our parish’s youth group who attended this conference were absolutely a joy to be around. They used their manners throughout the trip, displayed concern for those around them (including me—thanks guys for taking care of me!), respected the adult chaperones, were attentive at the various workshops, and were FUN—quite a feat for teenagers! I thank Kim McMillan, our parish’s Youth Minister, for coordinating this trip and giving me the privilege of chaperoning. The memories and effect this conference had on me will last a lifetime. Thank you also to our many parishioners who support the Youth Ministry in our parish. Without your involvement in the fundraising efforts of the group, this trip would not have been possible for some of these teens to attend. Thank you for giving them the opportunity.