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Evening of Insight - May 17, 2013 - Pictures

In 2007, our parish fundraised for a group of young people to attend the National Catholic Youth Conference and Notre Dame Vision. Many parishioners made an investment in our youth during that year. We did not know what the investment would yield but, we had faith that it would produce great fruits. On Friday, May 17 we saw some of the harvest that many years of investing in youth ministry has produced. The young adults, who spoke of their experience in ministry and their continued engagement in their faith, are a wonderful witness to what has been accomplished by many years of the investment in youth ministry at Saint Celestine Parish.

We want to thank Angela Perto, Lauren Gallagher and Matt French for saying "yes" to the invitation to share their faith and their experiences. We want to thanl John Pontikis for the clever way he shared some of the statistical benefits of having youth ministry in a parish. I also want to thank the many gifted people, who through their generous hearts, helped organize such a large event. They shall not be mentioned by name but, their gifts and dedication are priceless!

We raised over $8,000.00 for youth ministry with our Evening of Insight , what a tremendous success.

Most of all, we would like to thank the parishioners of Saint Celestine who have invested in our young people. Your investment is creating a plentiful harvest!

With gratitude,
Kim McMillan