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Women's Club Meeting - Making Crosses from Palms - March 27, 2014 - Pictures

Article from the Elmwood Park - Elm Leaves dated April 1, 2014

Article Page - Palm Sunday crosses a crafty Holy Week tradition
By: David Pollard | dpollard@pioneerlocal.com | @DavidDPollard

With Palm Sunday approaching, members of the Saint Celestine Women’s Club are hard at work to make sure the day is special. At their monthly meeting Thursday, members of the club met in the St. Celestine Annex to learn how to make crosses from palm leaves. The crosses are made by using two dried palm leaves, folding them over and weaving them together to make a cross.

Nancy Corpolongo, vice president of the club, has been making crosses from palm leaves for years and decided to pass on the talent. “I wanted to teach the ladies how to do it,” she said. “I thought I’d share my knowledge with them and keep it going.”

Members of the Women’s Club were very enthusiastic about learning how to make the crosses.

For Betty Gran, of Chicago, making crosses out of palm leaves was a new experience. But she was willing to learn, and wanted to share her experience. “I’m going to pass it on to co-workers,” Gran said.

Becky Sword, of Chicago, had experience crafting with palm leaves. She learned from her mother how to make crosses, crowns and flowers, and has fond memories of the decorations. “She’d make one and hang it on the cross in the house,” Sword said. She continues the tradition, and hangs the palm leaf cross she makes on the cross in her own home.

Corpolongo said every year before Palm Sunday, she makes more than 100 crosses for the church and to give them out to people. “I make these for the adult choir,” she said. “I make them for friends and then we’re going to share them.”

Corpolongo’s daughter, Marijo, was there to help her mother give members of the club individual attention on how to make the crosses. Nancy taught Marijo how to make crosses over the course of many years. “It’s fun,” Marijo said. “I do a lot of this around Easter time. I think it brings us closer, not only as mother-daughter, but spiritually.”