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Remembrance / Memorial Mass - November 2, 2015 - Pictures

MORE THAN A MEMORY - We could not help but reflect on how fortunate we all are to be part of a such a grace-filled community as the 91 names of our deceased parishioners and loved ones were read so caringly by Julie McGuire at our Memorial Mass. We live in a society which often has little patience or understanding for those who grieve and mourn. The tendency is to hurry people along, robbing them of a healthy environment in which to process their emotions and cope with their losses. How often have you heard it said, “Well, you have to move on” or “Aren’t you over that yet?” While intending the best (hopefully), the person in grief is made to feel like there is something wrong with how he or she is feeling. Moments and celebrations such as our Remembrance Mass offer a healing forum for those who are grieving. We would like to thank Barbara Mares who organize this event and thank those who made our gathering a true celebration of life. Let us continue to remember our loved ones and in a special way, let us offer Masses for them during the Month of November.