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Annual Parish Picnic - July 8, 2012 - Video and Pictures

Fun Memories of Evans field – Needless to say, the weather for our Parish Picnic on Sunday, July 8 was absolutely perfect considering what we had experienced in the days leading up to it. And the surrounding woods of Evans Field offered to everyone present the comfort of a refreshing breeze. Over 60 people attended the Mass at 11 am which kicked off a variety of activities throughout the afternoon including volleyball, softball, and a few rounds of bags, not to mention the games provided for the children by several parish families. Our grill-masters Dwayne French and Bob Schmidt prepared tasty hamburgers and hotdogs which were accompanied by a selection of chips and beverages. Lena Roy, President of the Parents’ Club, offered face painting to the young attendees.

Our resident magician extraordinaire, Cesar Vargas, provided the children again this year with a lively magic show, including a few new tricks. A handful of generous bakers provided goodies for the cake walk under the orchestration of our seminarian, Dominic Clemente, Jr. Our DJ for the day was Bernie Gyselinck. And what Catholic gathering would be complete without a few rounds of BINGO which was called by Bob Mitchell and his able assistant Tony Ventura. But the success of the day rests in large part with the hard work of the Men’s Club, who oversaw the set-up and take-down of the gathering, plus a host of other chores that made the day a wonderful event. To all those mentioned – to everyone who turned out to make the day an enjoyable time outdoors – and to anyone I forgot to include here – Thank you!! It was a relaxing day of food and fun.