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Mass of Farewell for Father Jeff Grob as 8th Pastor of St. Celestine Parish
June 16, 2013
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Danke schön (Thank you!) - I cannot help but wonder if these two little words whether in German or English can adequately express the gratitude that fills my heart for the many kindnesses you have shared with me over the course of the past five years as your pastor.

And if that was not enough, your outpouring of kindness on Sunday, June 16th was nothing short of overwhelming! Every thoughtful word, every selfless gift, every generous expression only confirmed for me the depth of your goodness and further proves the presence of the Lord in each and every one of you.

For five years, we had the pleasure of journeying together in faith and it is our faith in the Lord Jesus that binds us together wherever we find ourselves. Remain strong in that faith! As I do for you, please pray for me.

From a grateful heart,
Fr. Jeffrey Grob