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Mass of Farewell for Father Artur Sowa as Associate Pastor of St. Celestine Parish
June 30, 2013
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Dear Friends,

I am using this opportunity to say good-bye; and it is not easy – it is never easy to say good-bye to the people you love. What makes it easier is the fact that this is NOT good-bye forever. I am leaving, but not far enough to keep me from coming back from time to time.

This has been a wonderful time, it has been a memorable time – and it has been because of all of YOU!!! Three years ago I stood here in this very church during my first Mass and promised to do my best as I was beginning my priestly ministry at St Celestine’s. Since then we journeyed together, helped each other to grow in faith and we helped change the world, at least a little bit – (I hope). I will never forget it. THANK YOU!

May God Bless You All!!!
Fr Artur Sowa