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Grocery Dash for St. Celestine Alvernia Food Pantry - October 6, 2012 - Video / Pictures

District 1-A Lions Annual Grocery Dash 2012 - Three charities from District 1-A grabbed groceries worth $4400 just in 15 minutes. Our Alvernia Food Pantry was one of the recipients.

It was a fantastic fun to watch these three individuals grabbing, scooping grocery items in carts!

Tony Tenuta, a former resident of Elmwood Park, won 2nd place for the 2nd Annual Grocery Dash sponsored by the Lions Clubs of District 1A. During Tony's five minutes of running through Super Low, he was able to grab close to a $1,000 in groceries and donated them to the St. Celestine's Alvernia Food Pantry. We would like to thank Tony for his generous donation and to those parishioners who bought a ticket in the name of our food pantry. In addition to the food donation, our food pantry will receive a check for approximately $220 from the Lions Club of District 1A.

Article from the Elmwood Park - Elm Leaves dated October 11, 2012

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Fundraiser helps fill shelves of local food pantries

ELMWOOD PARK - Under time constraints a local food store let three people fill as many carts as they could with food for free recently as part of a local fundraiser. The three winners of District 1A Lions Club’s raffle to participate in Grocery Dash had only a few minutes Oct. 6 to take as much food as they could from the shelves at Super Low Foods, 7411 Grand Ave. But instead of the winners stocking their own shelves with free food, they donated their winning ticket to local food pantries and a member of each food pantry participated in the event.

The ticket that was chosen first was donated to Orland Township Food Pantry and gave the person 7 minutes to get as much food with that time. The second ticket was donated to St. Celestine Food Pantry in Elmwood Park receiving 5 minutes and the third was donated to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church’s food pantry in Burbank and had 3 minutes. Joe Palazzolo, co-chairman of the event, said the three winners collected $4,416.46 worth of food total.

This is the second time the District 1A of the Lions Club put on the Grocery Dash event and proceeds from raffle ticket sales cover the cost of the food collected. District 1A is comprised of individual Lions Clubs throughout the Chicagoland area including Mont Clare-Elmwood Park Lions Club.

Palazzolo said those representing the different food pantries just didn’t go for anything they saw in the store. They went in with a plan.

“Orland Park Food Pantry, they did a lot of peanut butter, fruit cocktail and soups,” he said.

“St. Celestine collected a lot of rice, cereal and pasta.” He said the person representing Our Savior’s Lutheran Church collected a lot of can goods and pastas.

“They all got five and six baskets (full of food),” he said. “They did really well. They grabbed the cart, did the shopping and pushed it to the checkout line.”

While they scrambled to get as much food as possible there was a group of supporters in the store cheering them on.

Palazzo said the event was fun, but at the same time it’s going to make an impact at people’s dinner tables.

“It’s really nice to see such individuals and organizations receive the food and stock up the shelves,” he said. “Just to see them help everybody is a good thing.”